Ember and D3: Building a simple dashboard

by Sam Selikoff August 8, 2013

This talk will explore using Ember to manage a simple dashboard built in D3.

Interactive data visualizations can be tricky. Adding a new coordinated view or some filter controls can be time-consuming, even if you've thought ahead. What other Javascript technologies can we use to make our datavis development simpler and more flexible?

One possible answer is Ember.

Ember.js is a Javascript MVC framework with a growing community. It comes with a powerful data bindings system which lets you coordinate your views and models with ease. The system is designed specifically for scalability, enabling you to develop without needing to focus on keeping everything in sync.

Sounds like a great candidate for helping us build flexible, coordinated D3 visualizations! Join me as we learn the very basics of Ember by building a simple dashboard that leverages our existing D3 code.




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Presented at

Boston Ember.js Group - Boston, MA

August 8, 2013

Boston d3.js User Group - Cambridge, MA

September 25, 2013


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